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Axis Global Group Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developments for Green Investors AXIS GLOBAL GROUP
Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developments for Green Investors

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AXIS GLOBAL GROUP is working on several real estate development projects which focus on wellness, well-being, & sustainable resources for both residential, commercial, and mixed-use communities, as well as urban re-development, all using well-being principles of holistic lifestyles; classical, Chinese feng shui for harmonious design; & green living practices. We are also aligned with socially responsible investments around the world which contribute to local communities both here & abroad, including, third world development and social sustainability. This website is an opportunity to introduce you to our company, our projects, and raise the necessary funding for advancing these socio-environmentally-conscious and community-oriented visions.

We have selected projects for both North America, as well as overseas. Our commitment to eco-efficiency drives us because we love the planet and her inherent beauty. Clean air, pure water, healthy sunlight, rich soil; these are the things which we hold dear. We design such real estate developments, residential, commercial, & mixed use, including fragrant gardens, wherever possible.

We also plan tours of various gardens world-wide, including butterfly gardens, the Rose Festival in Bulgaria & Lavender Festival in Provence, each year in June, to help promote our efforts in general. People generally feel better after spending time in beautiful gardens. They provide a comfortable opportunity to learn about sustainable practices, including sustainable investments & social sustainability.

Please review our site and contact us with your questions, comments, or request to set-up a time for us to discuss how you can support these sustainable developments that are geared to provide communities with more wellness & lifestyle options, while minimizing impacts on environmental resources. You may request an electronic copy of our executive summaries after a brief introduction is arranged by phone.

Please telephone our offices @ 415.289.2213 in California or email: tfoxworthy

sustainable developments | about us | green projects | green investors | axis magna group | contact