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Axis Global Group - Real Estate Development, Wellness Projects, Retreat Centers, Sanctuary, Multi-Use, Commercial, Residential, Sustainable, Green Design, Retreat Center, Funding Needed for Retreat Sanctuaries
Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developments for Green Investors

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AXIS GLOBAL GROUP offers a wide variety of real estate & community development visions & plans for immediate launching. Innovative projects blend classical approaches to location-specific, economic & ergonomic agendas using seamless, state-of-the-art foundations which employ future technology today. These gems will transform existing locations into creative centers of planetary leadership for generations to come.

For example, we have dynamic, elegant, sustainable, feng shui-designed, RESIDENTIAL & RESORT developments for ideal living and leisure possibilities; AIRPORT YOGA Studios at major, international airports to support for travelers; MULTI-PLEXES that allow communities to grow and care for themselves with minimal reliance on automobiles while providing a superior quality of life which offers convenience, comfort, and a clear conscience; progressive RETAIL outlets, HOLISTIC B&Bs, & WELLNESS MINI-MARTS that offer healthy alternatives to existing habits; RETREAT & WELLNESS CENTERS that bring communities options for education and creative networking as they are evolving their current living and working paradigms in order to comfortably transition to more environmentally-sustainable materials and methods.

Our work is being launched in the San Francisco, San Diego, & Mid-Atlantic areas. We have affiliates in Maui in Hawaii, Bali in Indonesia, Koh Samui in Thailand, Mexico & Costa Rica in Central America, New Zealand & the East Coast of Australia in the South Pacific.

Please review our site and contact us with your questions, comments, or request to set-up a time for us to discuss how you can support these sustainable developments that are geared to provide communities with wellness lifestyles, while minimizing impacts on environmental resources.

sustainable developments | about us | green projects | green investors | axis magna group | contact