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Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developments for Green Investors

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Dear Sponsors, Patrons, Investors, Estate Owners, Wellness Experts, Consultants, & Angels:

We are offering an investment opportunity for sustainability investors with a variety of our projects!

Inspired by Sonoma Village in Sonoma County, which took Santana Row of San Jose to an entirely new level of sustainable community, we are seeking funding and properties to this aim. Sonoma Village is the very first in North America and we want to help pave the way for more of this kind of real estate development in a world which dearly needs our efforts in this direction. Our experience and collective enthusiasm makes this the next step in a conglomerate of products and services aimed at a variety of properties, including residential communities, wellness franchises, retreat centers, retail operations, and resorts. Initially, we want to launch one of the following projects:

A. An AIRPORT YOGA studio in a major airport in Hawaii, California, New York, Maryland or Virginia, depending on market studies.

B. A Multi-use URBAN WELLNESS CENTER in a strategic locations for public and private use, both profit and non-profit.

C. A Feng Shui RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY to create a more sustainable-based model for neighborhood, family living.

D. A Feng Shui RETREAT SANCTUARY to host both in-house events as well as rent it out to special interest groups.

Our team is prepared to do any of the following & we will let our investors & market research help decide which project gets the first green light!

The next phase of our larger vision includes franchising our AIRPORT YOGA & URBAN WELLNESS CENTERS, as well as launch our larger scale, MULTI-PLEXES, per the Santana Row/Sonoma Village models. For this, we need stable, spacious locations, based on market research indicators, probably in Marin (next to San Francisco) and San Diego (North Coastal) Counties in California, as well as the Mid-Atlantic area (near the intersecting MD/DC/VA/DE borders). Each of these has a strategic purpose for the overall mission of this conglomerate:

Marin County, CA is the hub of holistic practitioners who are active with corporate services in Northern California, if not the world. This is our primary headquarters. We are quite active with various networks of holistic practitioners and services there and want to establish a more productive headquarters to keep our finger on the pulse of evolutionary trends which often begin in and around this legendary, cosmopolitan, humanity-oriented, leading-edge San Francisco! Also, this is one of the world's top tourist destinations that bring people here from around the globe for fun and education!

Next, we see the mid-Atlantic/Baltimore or Southern, MD areas as a useful test site for mainstream America, with lots of opportunities for non-profit work. Surprisingly, there is a rapidly-growing demand for holistic resources in the greater Maryland/ Virginia/ Washington, DC region. We envision our brand being a welcome source of relief for every stratum of society there, which will help us refine our gifts for global distribution as we refine our efforts more each day.

Finally, North County Coastal San Diego is close to Los Angeles, and joins many retreat centers and other resources for holistic living, for which spa-goers & vacationers repeatedly return year-after-year. Every year, as well, more and more people in Southern California seek out holistic educational and entertainment resources. We are thrilled to offer our range of products and services there, especially with the demand for more "normalized" and easily accessible spiritual & personal development programs.

An initial funding of $8-20 million for each of the initial, three multi-use complexes would take us from a treasure trove of intellectual property to having the staff and locations that will allow executive retreats and operations of educational and entertainment products and services to finance each subsidiary. Preliminary figures show an annual net profit of $2.2 Million within two-to-three years from each retreat complex alone. The bulk of necessary funding is for real estate and payroll.

We have a tenured array of advisers and eager staffers whose experience in different areas of this endeavor will guide us smoothly ahead. The key is to secure funding and establish these first three centers. We have leading-edge innovations for this endeavor. From there, we focus on training & educational seminars and renewal programs for target groups, public, non-profit, and corporate or commercial. Again, our branding is slated to be the one-stop shopping for anything associated with wellness, well-being, and sustainable communities.

If you or someone you know would be interested in funding such endeavors, or participating in some other meaningful way, please CONTACT us at your earliest convenience.


Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Creative Director & Lead Visionary

Teresa Ann Foxworthy, BA, IFSG, MLC, RCT, is an Executive Life Coach, Wellness & Business Consultant based in the San Francisco, CA area. As a veteran & leading Personal Transformation Expert, Master Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Shamanic Healer, Spa & Feng Shui Consultant, she has created more than 200 programs during the last 20+ years for Executives around the world who need to reclaim their humanity and health in a competitive environment. Recently, Director of Corporate Wellness Programs & Spa Consulting for Eclectic Health of Petaluma, CA, Ms. Foxworthy's philosophy embraces the many dimensions of our daily life and spiritual awakening. She has done Re-Evaluation Counseling for over 20 years now and genuinely enjoys assisting people with their transformational process of awakening to their full potential for "self-actualizing lives". Her coaching and consulting clients from around the world give rave reviews: Credit Suisse, Sun Microsystems, Wells Fargo, Smith Barney, UC San Diego, Napa Hospital, Hewlett-Packard, Great Expectations, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Planned Parenthood, XDeep, and many others. Teresa Ann Foxworthy is available for private sessions, intensives, and speaking engagements. She divides her time between the SF Bay Area, L.A./San Diego, and MD/DC.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: We have an unprecedented opportunity in the 21st Century to fulfill our human potential, collectively as well as individually. Here in the Bay Area, there is a history of pioneering efforts. With the impact of innovative, economic, and social globalization, its essential for each of us to re-humanize amidst our hi-tech world and develop personal and professional strategies to bridge diverging concerns. Everyone needs a wellness strategy for optimum results!

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Please review our site and contact us with your questions, comments, or request to set-up a time for us to discuss how you can support these sustainable developments that are geared to provide communities with more wellness & lifestyle options, while minimizing impacts on environmental resources.

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