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Axis Global Group - Real Estate Development, Wellness Projects, Retreat Centers, Sanctuary, Multi-Use, Commercial, Residential, Sustainable, Green Design, Retreat Center, Funding Needed for Retreat Sanctuaries
Sustainable Luxury Real Estate Developments for Green Investors

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AXIS GLOBAL GROUP is a subsidiary of AXIS MAGNA GROUP, which is a conglomerate of projects dedicated to providing holistic lifestyle options through an array of "edutainment" products and services. Our mission at AXIS MAGNA is to educate and entertain the public as each individual learns what resources are needed for personal and collective evolutionary development today.

Our mission at AXIS GLOBAL GROUP is to create sustainable investment opportunities for communities & individuals around the world by focusing on sustainable living & working spaces to build strong & healthy communities. We intend to do this with our mixed-use real estate & urban re-development projects, as well as our socio-environmentally-conscious, financial investments which assess long-term strategies for community building and environmental harmony.

AXIS GLOBAL GROUP began as a vision at the turning of the new millennium for auspicious retreat centers, fragrant gardens, innovative intentional communities to reduce commuting time & support more small business development which was clearly the new trend. Additionally, "intelligent" retail locations, placed strategically to offer communities viable alternatives which would uplift their communities, were a part of this vision. Today we are attracting teams of architects, engineers, & designers who are committed to enduring projects of environmental integrity and a mindful approach to the impact upon and interplay between humans and environment.

Please review our site and contact us with your questions, comments, or request to set-up a time for us to discuss how you can support these sustainable developments that are geared to provide communities with more wellness & lifestyle options, while minimizing impacts on environmental resources.

sustainable developments | about us | green projects | green investors | axis magna group | contact